India Day

Each item needs to have at least 10 participants.

Unfortunately, not this year; All participants need to be at least 6 years of age.

Of course ! A single membership applies to all family members living in the same household.

Very simple, click the Membership link to begin your enrollment.

Yes. Of course. You will have to purchase a ticket to be seated inside the auditorium. Check out the event page for more details

You are correct; We are having the 2018 India Day at Richardson’s Eisemann center. Check out the
event page for more details.

4 Things: The completed waiver form; An image of the costume; An image of of your group, preferably with the costumes and of course your 4 minute 30 seconds or less soundtrack.

Consular Services Camp

Officers from CGI Houston, usually visit the Dallas area every 3rd Saturday of each month, Check out the upcoming activities page for when they will be coming next.

CGI Houston officials, only validate applications before being sent to CKGS for processing. They will not issue you a new Visa at the camp. Visit CGI Houston’s Visa Page for procedures on applying for a new Visa.

CKGS stands for Cox and Kings Global Services. Consulate General of India, Houston has outsourced many of its services including Passport, Visa, OCI Card, Indian Citizenship Renunciation, etc. to M/s Cox and Kings Global Services for processing.

You don’t have to. You can directly send your completed application with all the supporting documents directly to CKGS for processing. Although, if you have any questions or doubts about what is being submitted, the Consular camp can walk you through your doubts and help verify that your application and corresponding documents are complete. This may save you some time with CKGS, in the event that your application is not in order.

It depends. The Consular camp is rotated at different locations across the metroplex. When held at the India Association location, members of the association can make copies during the camp.

Very simple, click the Membership link to begin your enrollment. At times, volunteers at the camp may also be able to take your membership during the camp.

The India Association is funded by its members. Their membership allows us to pay for utility bills, up keep of the facility as well as the paper and toner for the copier.

Yes. Quite a few in the 3-4 mile radius of the India Association office.

Are you kidding ? Yes, of course. We would love for you to be a member of IANT.


Your membership helps promote India’s rich heritage and culture in the North Texas community by allowing us to bring huge programs such as the Anand Bazaar and India Day. It also allows for you to become a spokesperson for the Asian Indian community and actively engage with mainstream communities to promote Asian Indian cultural norms as well as represent the Indian community across North Texas.

IANT offers an Annual membership, a Five year membership and a Lifetime membership. click the Membership link for more information and to begin your enrollment.

Click the Membership link logon to your profile. It will tell you the current state of your membership.

No. We will simply extend your Annual membership for a year after the previous one expires.

Annual and Five year memberships begin from the day your membership is accepted by IANT. e.g. you could become an Annual member in June this year and it will up for renewal June of the following year.

First of all. Thank you !! We sincerely appreciate your sentiment. We’d love to have you be a volunteer or join our board. Please reach out to us by sending an email to

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